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"Customers long to interact with - even relate to - employees who act like there is still a light on inside."

- Chip Bell, Founder Chip Bell Group

Technical Services

When investing in business systems technology to automate your business, it's good having the assurance the important services are available from the company you selected to implement, manage, and support your systems.

Our Technical Services outlined below are available to assist you and your staff when something bad happens to the systems your business relies on to operate with efficiency.

Help Desk Support

We use a Comprehensive Cloud BPX Call Center VoIP Phone System to Best Serve You.

24/7 Help Desk Support is just a phone call away. Our trained technical support team is here to assist with any technical needs and help to answer questions relating to the business equipment and systems we have provided to your place of business.

Call Queue Routing

Our automated attendant allows you to quickly select the option for technical support.  Calls are automatically routed to our support team's call queue so that you call is answered by the next available person.

 Call Recording for Quality Control

All of our calls are recorded for quality control assurance. In the event a call would need to be reviewed by management our tools would allow for us to review and take care of business.

Remote Access Support

Fast and Secure Remote Access Support

Our secure two-factor authentication Remote Access allows us to quickly remote into your system as if the technical support representative was right there on site. This allows us to see what store personel sees to quickly access the situation and work to solve issues and help to answer questions.

Secure Two-Factor Authentication

To meet PCI DSS Requirements, all remote viewing sessions occur over a secure connection and have low impact on bandwidth and requires the use of Two-Factor Authentication, such as the Google Authenticator app.

 Simultanous Multi-User Login

Not at your store but need to log in at the same time as us?  No problem. Our Take Control allows both us and you to log in at the same time to review tegether as needed.

National Tech On-Site Support

Quality National Tech On-Site Field Services

Need a technical support representative to come on-site to your store?  Our partnerships bring over 8,000 certified and highly qualified technicians on board to serve you in a highly professional manner.  We have you covered on a national level; providing a pay as needed for on-site service wherever your brand operates.  Techs when you need them and where you need them. As your brand grows, we have you covered.

Project Management with Every Request

 Every Zip Code Covered in the USA

 Next Business Day Response Service Level

4 Hour Emergency Response Service Level

Equipment Warranty Services

Next Day "Spare in the Air" Hot Swap Replacement

We offerer beneficial systematic warranty and service contract plans with a proactive mindset.  With a veriety of service levels to choose from you can customize the level of support to suite your business needs.  It's very important to us to properly manage the warranty and service agreements for the equipment your business replies on every day.  Not only do we manage all of your renewals being processed in a timely manner we also manage getting any defective or malfunctioning equipment replaced under warranty and service agreements in an expedited manner.

Automatic Warranty Expiration Notifications

Automatic Agreement Renewal Notifications

Affordable Monthly Payment Plans

Customer Portal Showing all Status

Depot Part Only or Part and Tech On-Site

 Next Business Day Monday - Friday

Next Calendar Day 7 Days a Week

Same Day 4 Hour Emergency Response

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 Managed Services are available to keep systems secure, healthy and up to date.

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