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Gift Card System

Revenue Streams Made Easier

MobileBytes is now

Heartland Restaurant Cloud Managed POS Suite

Addressing the challenges in

Generating More Revenue

MobileBytes Gift Card System extends your brand’s footprint and unlocks previously unrealized customer value. Now you can easily sell and redeem Gift Cards across multiple locations, sell eGift Online and promote your customers to reload Gift Cards by adding value to their existing card.

Ineffective Customer Interaction?

Gift Cards deepens relationships with customers.

Inconvenient and Unsecure Payment Options?

Transfer, reconcile and verify gift card funds automatically.

A Subpar Guest Experience?

Make it easier for customers to give gifts, pay for their checks, and add value to their cards.

Average Ticket Plateau?

Customers on average spend 65% more than the stored value card amount.

Ineffective Marketing / Promotion?

Gift cards provide a branded marketing tool that loyal customers will share.

Selling eGift Online

Say goodbye to paying expensive fees to 3rd party providers to process gift card orders. Now you can sell eGift on your Free MobileBytes Online Ordering site and in the your Free Guest Engagement Mobile App

How does MobileBytes Gift Card System

Make Generating Revenue Easier?

Effective Marketing

Gift cards enable you to extend your brand outside of your restaurant’s four walls. Turn your best guests into active marketers of your restaurant. Understand your customers’ behavior to target specific offers for a higher response rate.


One solution that is easily implemented across multiple locations. MobileBytes POS is integrated directly with the gift card program. Through our system, you can load gift cards, accept them for payments, and perform balance inquires without any separate hardware.

Convenient Card Balance Inquery

Stop paying extra costs to have a button on your website for your guests to check their card balances.  MobileBytes Gift Card System includes a button to for your guests to Check Card Balances at no additional costs.  Inform the person that handles your company website to use the link in the button shown.


MobileBytes Gift Cards also have a unique QR Code on the back of each card allowing your guests to quickly obtain card balances from their Mobile Phones.


The MobileBytes POS app also provides a Gift Card Balance Inquery so your staff can check a card balance quick and easy for your guests.

Free Website Button to Check Card Balances

Your button to check card balances needs to have the following link:


Sell Gift Online and in the Guest Engagement Mobile App

Increase convience for your gusts to purchase eGift while significantly lowering costs.  There are no costs for physical printed cards involved when your customers purchase eGift. 


Your online ordering website and the guest engagement mobile app are both included free with your MobileBytes subscription and take minutes to be live, not weeks or months as opposed to other Traditional POS systems.


During checkout, your guests are prompted to enter the email address for the recipient of the eGift.  The recipient will receive an automatic email of the eGift, promoting to visit your store.

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Why MobileBytes

MobileBytes is an industry leading provider of Cloud-Managed iPad POS systems for the Hospitality Industry.  MobileBytes is unique as one of the only Cloud-Managed POS systems that is Affordable, Not Locked, Out of Scope, iPad Based, Innovative, and Provided by Best in Class Certified Channel Partners for Local Sales and Service.

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